Wright Brothers Flyer 2

A Brief History of Flight

Red Baron Bi Plane

Bi Planes

Mustang Propellar Plane

Fighter Aircraft

Passenger Jet

Passenger Aircraft

Modern Jet Fighter

Modern Fighter Jets

Propellor aircraft

Propeller aircraft or prop planes were the first type of mechanical aircraft ever flown. Invented by the Wright brothers and first successfully flown in December of 1907. The prop plane has had many upgrades from it's earlier models. Starting with bi planes, they were given this name because they all have 2 wings stacked on top of each other. Not long after bi planes, planes with a single wing were invented. Most widely used for personal, recreational, touring, and "bush" planes.There are still many prop planes used to transport passengers as well where larger jet engine planes are unsuitable due to shorter flights or smaller passenger numbers.

Passenger Aircraft

It wasn't long after the invention of the airplane that people started using them for leisure and travel. But it wasn't until the 1940's when large commercial airliners started to become popular. The DH-106 Comet was the first of it's kind but the project failed due to structural dificiencies. The most commonly used commercial airliner is the Boeing 747. It first flew in February of 1969 and has been a very popular choice for commercial airline companies ever since.

Fighter Aircraft

It wasn't long after the invention of the aircraft until people started theorising ways to use them in war. Starting with Bi Planes used as reconnaissance and bombing aircraft. Even Bi Planes with fixed machine guns were flown. During world war 2 fighter aircraft reached new heights. With the development of missiles. Jet aircraft flew in combat missions and decisive air battles influenced the outcome of the war. Airborne troops and cargo parachuted into battle and the nuclear weapons that ended the war were delivered by tactical bombing aircraft.